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The Mentalist gira em torno de Patrick Jane que tem um talento especial, observar a tudo. Com seu enorme poder de percepção extra-sensorial, auxilia a Agência de Investigação da Califórnia a resolver os casos mais intrigantes.

22-Red John's Rules - Season Finale

21-Red and Itchy

20-Red Velvet Cupcakes

19-Red Letter Day

18-Behind The Red Curtain

17-Red, White and Blue

16-There Will Be Blood

15-Red Lacquer Nail Polish

14-Red in Tooth and Claw

13-The Red Barn

12-Little Red Corvette

11-Days of Wine and Roses

10-Panama Red

9-Black Cherry

8-Red Sails in the Sunset

7-If It Bleeds, It Leads

6-Cherry Picked

5-Blood Feud

4-Red Dawn

3-Not One Red Cent

2-Devil's Cherry

1-The Crimson Ticket