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A história acompanha a trajetória de Lenny Belardo (Jude Law), o primeiro Papa ítalo-americano, e também o mais jovem da história. Cansado dos liberais, o Vaticano elegeu um Papa conservador que enfrentará conflitos morais em busca de um sentido para seu cargo. Assim, Lenny enfrenta diversos escândalos e intrigas que ocorrem nos bastidores da igreja que desafiarão sua fé. O objetivo da série é o de abordar questões sobre a existência de Deus; a conquista e a perda da fé; a importância da santidade; as dificuldades de se combater as tentações; as responsabilidades do chefe da igreja católica; e a manipulação do poder em relação às regras morais e dogmas.

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Ital. viewers
1 "Episode 1" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino 21 October 2016 0.953 (overnight)[7]
Lenny Belardo becomes the first American Pope, and takes the name of Pius XIII. Shortly after his election, he causes upheaval in the Vatican with his desire to reject both publicity and the liberal philosophy of his predecessor. Sister Mary, the nun who raised Lenny, is brought in as his personal secretary, and immediately establishes herself as the chief rival of the powerful Cardinal Voiello, the Vatican's Secretary of State. Cardinal Spencer, Lenny's mentor and the original favorite for the papacy, is distraught over his loss in the Papal election.
2 "Episode 2" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino 21 October 2016 0.953 (overnight)[7]
Lenny shocks the world with his first address, in which he demands Catholics worldwide devote themselves body and soul to God, no matter the consequences. Sister Mary and Cardinal Voiello struggle to control Lenny, who admits that his conservative religious views result from his parents' decision to place him in a Catholic orphanage so they could pursue a hedonistic lifestyle.
3 "Episode 3" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino & Stefano Rulli 28 October 2016 0.517[8]
Lenny plans to lead a resurgence of conservative Christianity despite the efforts of Spencer and Voiello. Lenny forces Voiello to reveal that liberal forces in the College of Cardinals blocked the conservative Spencer's election as Pope, resulting in an agreement between the two men to use Lenny as a puppet. When Lenny threatens to excommunicate Voiello, the liberal cardinal is forced to swear loyalty to him. Later, during a chance encounter with Esther, the wife of a Pontifical Swiss Guard, Lenny has a seizure.
4 "Episode 4" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino & Stefano Rulli 28 October 2016 0.517[8]
Lenny arranges for a nun's sister to be brought to the Vatican for burial, then berates her at the funeral for crying. Lenny denies Spencer a promotion and severs ties with him as punishment for his attempt to manipulate him. Voiello arranges for Esther to work as an assistant to the Pope in the hope that they will develop a sexual relationship that he can exploit to his advantage. Lenny's comments about the gay aide to the female prime minister of Greenland (whom some cardinals flirt with) and his treatment of the PM herself alienate Sofia, the head of the Vatican's marketing branch and Lenny's closest ally outside the priesthood.
5 "Episode 5" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino 4 November 2016 0.508[9]
Lenny sidesteps Esther's sexual advances, thwarting Voiello's persistent machinations to bring him down with illicit sex scandal. Lenny reveals that he already knows everyone's secrets, including those of Voiello, Gutierrez, and Tomasso. The papal tiara arrives, and Lenny finally addresses the cardinals.
6 "Episode 6" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino 4 November 2016 0.508[9]
After the birth of Esther's baby, Lenny finally meets with the Prime Minister of Italy, a man of similar age and attractiveness to himself. Lenny gives him a list of shocking and preposterous demands, using political blackmail to get his way. Lenny forces Cardinal Dussollier, his childhood friend and now the cardinal in charge of approving new priests, to block the entrance of new priests who do not adhere to clerical celibacy – and homosexuals, regardless of their adherence to the vow. A young seminarian is denied admittance and commits suicide in St. Peter's Square.
7 "Episode 7" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino & Tony Grisoni 11 November 2016 0.490[10]
Voiello and Dussollier desperately try make Lenny see the disaster he is unleashing. Sister Mary takes drastic action to save the Church, deeply impressing Voiello. Lenny is shocked and excited by the prospect of reuniting with his parents at last. The cardinals cut a deal with Spencer, who has a heart-to-heart with Lenny. Dussollier takes charge of his life, with tragic consequences.
8 "Episode 8" Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Sorrentino & Tony Grisoni 11 November 2016 0.490[10]
Lenny prays for Dussollier's soul, as Sister Mary weeps bitter tears. Lenny summons Sofia, who counsels him to visit a well-publicized missionary site in Africa. To everyone's astonishment, the Pope agrees. En route, the press tries – and fails – to speak to Lenny, revealing to Voiello that Kurtwell might be blackmailing the Pontiff. In Africa, the Pope seems ambivalent to Sister Antonia's operations, but his attempt at confession is derailed when a local priest passes him a condemning note. Now watching carefully for injustices, Lenny delivers an inspiring speech to the country's populace, with pointed warnings to its dictator and Sister Antonia. Meanwhile, Voiello surprises Sister Mary.
9 "Episode 9" Paolo Sorrentino Umberto Contarello & Paolo Sorrentino 18 November 2016 0.550[11]
In New York City, Cardinal Gutierrez, now convinced of Kurtwell's guilt, desperately tries to convince his former victims to testify. Realizing that he must resort to more unsavory tactics, Gutierrez makes a move that Kurtwell can't counter. In desperation, Kurtwell finally releases his blackmail material on Lenny, but his overconfidence proves his undoing – Lenny's letters are useless for a scandal and so beautiful that they become an instant sensation. Meanwhile, as Spencer lies dying in the Vatican, he begs Lenny to relate the miracle he performed as a teenager.
10 "Episode 10" Paolo Sorrentino Umberto Contarello & Paolo Sorrentino 18 November 2016 0.550[11]
Impressed with his new conviction, Lenny asks Gutierrez to take over as his personal secretary, then banishes Kurtwell to Alaska. Lenny sends Sister Mary to Africa to take Antonia's place, telling her that she can call him by name as long as he can call her "Ma". After learning that he himself will be considered for sainthood one day, Lenny agrees to spend Christmas in Guatemala amongst the patients of Beata Juana. At the last minute, however, Lenny decides to face his demons and heads for Venice instead. At the Basilica San Marco, the Pope reveals his face at last and uses Beata Juana's words to deliver a homily that touches the crowds and the cardinals alike. Having finally grown up and seeing a couple in the crowd that looks like his parents, the young pope collapses, leaving his future uncertain.


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